Auto Version Number

Version numbers are essential for quality assurance. Manually updating version numbers is a process that is easy to forget and error-prone.

Auto Version Number is a revolutionary utility that automatically generates, updates and displays version numbers in Unity games. It all happens automagically during build making process.

Completely transparent. No change is introduced to your build process (or your workflow).
Fully automated. There is nothing to do manually. No code editing, inspector handling, menu clicking, software execution or version control is required.
Works out of the box.
– Choose between innovative Smart Number style and classic Date/Time style.
– Smart Number style generates smart version numbers that are updated only when valid changes are detected.
Detects and validates changes automatically.
Highly customizable. Many options are available: leading/ending texts, display style and position, and more.
Supports unlimited number of projects.
Special add-on: Auto Bundle Version, a tool for automatically generating guaranteed bundle version(s) for Apple and Google submissions. (Coming soon as a separate asset.)

– Works with Unity 4 and Unity 5.
– Works with Unity Free/Personal and Unity Pro/Professional editions.
– Works with all platforms.
– Works with all version control and other software.

Licensing & Pricing
Auto Version Number requires one license per build machine. A build machine is a computer, whether a dedicated one or not, used to make builds.
Pricing is based on the licensing model.

Auto Version Number is a must-have for any Unity project.

Auto Version Number is in the review process of Unity Asset Store.


Auto Version Number - Smart Number Auto Version Number - Date Time


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